State Rep. Gene Wu Condemns Fox News’ Racist Jokes About Asian Americans

October 6, 2016


State Representative Gene Wu Condemns Fox News’ Racist Jokes About Asian Americans

Houston, TX – State Representative Gene Wu condemns Fox News’ October 3rd, 2016 segment of “The O’Reilly Factor” by correspondent Jesse Watters. The segment known as “Watters’ World”—recorded under the pretense of asking Chinese Americans’ views on the U.S. presidential election—was devoid of any actual political insight, but full of antiquated jokes using racist stereotypes, drew on thoughtless tropes, and openly ridiculed Asian Americans and immigrants:

“Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters have tried to downplay this segment as just good old-fashioned humor, but I have spent my entire adult life trying to push back the casual racism that they find so funny. Their piece was obviously racist and perpetuates harmful stereotypes against all Asian Americans.

The Asian American community is one of the last populations where American society still tolerates this type of bigotry. I can’t imagine that O’Reilly would dare pull this stunt in an African American or Hispanic community, without risking widespread condemnation. The Asian American community has fought too long to overcome these gross stereotypes to allow this to go unchallenged.

This segment also makes plain what Republicans and conservatives really think of the fastest growing immigrant community in the nation. I hope Asian American voters will remember this in November.

Fox News needs to pull this piece, and O’Reilly and Watters need to issue a real apology for making millions of Asian Americans the butt of bad jokes.”

Representative Wu is an Asian American elected official who represents House District 137 in the Texas Legislature.


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