Looking Ahead

November 19, 2015

This past Tuesday, we had over one hundred friends and constituents join us at our campaign kickoff at Barry’s Pizza. Thank you all for helping me celebrate the successes we’ve seen since you sent me to Austin in 2012!

We’ll be in touch between now and the Democratic Primary on March 1. We’ll talk about both our past accomplishments and the work ahead. And, most importantly, we’ll continue to talk about ways that we can strengthen our neighborhoods right here at home.

But I need your help – a candidate has announced his intention to challenge me in the Democratic Primary.

My opponent has stated that he intends to run as the “conservative democrat.” He has early backing from individuals who actively campaigned against Democratic Party core principles, and has direct ties to local Republicans and conservatives. We have beaten Republican challengers in two general elections now, and, with your help, we will beat another one in the 2016 Democratic Primary.

I’ve always been grateful for the support you’ve given me in years past. I invite you to reply to this email letting me know that you wish to show your support for our campaign. Let us know if you would like a yard sign or volunteer.

Thank you,

Gene Wu

Proudly Endorsed By:
• U.S. Congressman Al Green
• State Senator John Whitmire
• State Senator Sylvia Garcia
• State Rep. Alma Allen
• State Rep. Armando Walle
• State Rep. Senfronia Thompson
• State Rep. Harold Dutton
• State Rep. Ana Hernandez
• State Rep. Carol Alvarado
• State Rep. Borris Miles
• State Rep. Garnet Coleman
• State Rep. Jessica Farrar
• State Rep. Hubert Vo
• Fmr. State Rep. Scott Hochberg
• Fmr. State Rep. Kristi Thibaut
• Fmr. State Rep. Mary Ann Perez
• Fmr. State Rep. Melissa Noriega
• City Council Member Mike Laster
• Fmr. City Council Member Gordon Quan
• Fmr. City Council Member Sue Lovell

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