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Nov 19

This past Tuesday, we had over one hundred friends and constituents join us at our campaign kickoff at Barry’s Pizza. Thank you all for helping me celebrate the successes we’ve seen since you sent me to Austin in 2012!

We’ll be in touch between now and the Democratic Primary on March 1. We’ll talk about both our past accomplishments and the work ahead. And, most importantly, we’ll continue to talk about ways that we can strengthen our neighborhoods right here at home.

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Gene 2016
Oct 13

“The Asian community and other immigrant communities are often discriminated against because of their race or ethnic background. We want to live in a city that respects us. HERO gives our communities a way to deal with discrimination without having to hire lawyers and file a long and expensive federal lawsuit. This is good for our community, and good for business.”

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Sep 11

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, Representative Wu joins community volunteers and school staff at Sharpstown High School in Southwest Houston in an annual effort to visit the homes of students who have not returned to finish high school and help them explore options toward graduation.

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