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Sep 5

“As the representative of one of the largest documented and undocumented immigrant populations in the state, I condemn President Trump’s actions today in the strongest possible terms. DACA shared wide-spread bipartisan support because it protected undocumented children and people who were brought to the US as children. Trump’s decision in terminating DACA is inhuman, immoral, and unconscionable.” -Gene Wu, State Representative

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Aug 29

I pray that you and your family, friends and neighbors are safe. As you all know, Harvey has been a catastrophic natural disaster for our city and our state with record-breaking rainfall causing flooding throughout Houston and Harris County, as well as along the central Texas coast. I am extremely grateful to all of our first responders, volunteers and good samaritans who are helping keep fellow Texans and Houstonians safe.

If you need help, reach out. If you can help, please do. There is much work ahead of us to recover and rebuild. Let’s be good to each other and, as always, be safe.

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Aug 25

As Hurricane Harvey makes its way to our coast, please be prepared. Meteorologists predict Harvey to make landfall on Friday night and we can expect heavy rains and flooding, or even worse. Because your safety is my primary concern, I want to make sure you have as much helpful information as possible.

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